Dragon Software Helps in Digital Transcription

Are You Having Trouble Using Your Voice Command System in digital transcription? Speak naturally but as clearly as possible, enunciating each word. No need to speak loudly or slowly, just avoid mumbling or slurring your words.

You can bring up Dragon’s help for digital transcription at any time by saying, “Give Me Help.” To save time, use the command “Search Dragon Help for” immediately followed by the word (s) to search for.

Dragon can automatically add periods and commas for you when you dictate.

To erase the last thing you said, you can say “scratch that.”

If you have applications on your computer that you aren’t using then turn them off when you are using your Dragon for improved accuracy.

Place your microphone approximately a thumb distance from your mouth. Too close and you sound muffled and distorted, too far and you lose some speech pattern and volume necessary for accuracy.

Save your profile when you close the program – It is always correcting itself and making your life easier – It is fixing its mistakes and you need to save them.

Remember to tell your microphone to “Go To Sleep,” when you break to talk to someone or make a phone call, or anything that takes you away from Dragon dictation. That’s because Dragon keeps typing when you talk – And it can make for one funny sounding document!”

For Best Results – Position your microphone carefully and consistently EVERY TIME you use it. If you notice a decrease in your accuracy, it may be because your microphone is out of position.

Have patience with your Dragon Software. Like you, it is just learning and may take awhile to familiarize itself with your voice tone and quality.

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